What Families Need to Look for When Choosing a Neighborhood

Kiersten Bell  |  April 2, 2023

What Families Need to Look for When Choosing a Neighborhood

When looking for homes for sale in Greenville, it is best to do some soul-searching to determine your family's needs as you purchase a luxury home. Of course, families will have different requirements compared to single home seekers, retired couples, and young adults. It’s essential to thoroughly evaluate the schools, community amenities, location, lifestyle, and more. Below are some considerations when choosing the perfect neighborhood for your family.

Flourishing public schools

For families with school-aged children, the local public schools are a huge factor in determining the best neighborhood. Finding the perfect luxury home in your desired school district often tops the list of priorities. Plus, if walking to school is the ideal scenario, be sure to add that to your list. Your realtor can hone in on the best locations within a community to achieve this goal.

Sometimes, the best option for your family may be a private school. If this is your situation, do your homework and research the best private schools within walking distance or a short, easy drive. You will be spending a lot of time picking up and dropping off children at school, so convenience is critical. You may also want to look into the transportation options within the neighborhood. 

To determine whether a school is a good fit, research to evaluate the school’s performance, including measurable data like test scores and graduation rates. Review public education websites to view how students perform compared to other schools in the state or country. Don’t forget about extracurricular programming, college preparatory classes, and advanced placement courses that your child may be interested in. By reading online reviews from current parents, you will get an insider’s view of what to expect and how welcoming the teachers are at the school.

Proximity to other families

Discuss with your realtor the importance of living near other families. Making life-long friends in the neighborhood you select provides a sense of community and connection. Establishing these bonds is good for not only the parents but the children as well. If you find a Greenville home you love in a specific neighborhood, speak to some current residents to get a better idea of the neighborhood atmosphere. Casual discussions like these help determine if there is a sense of community or if residents tend to keep to themselves. If your children want to make neighborhood friends, see how engaged and welcoming the community feels when chatting with potential neighbors.

Access to high-end restaurants and shopping

Finding the perfect house in a less-than-ideal location could be problematic in the long run. You may need to grab dinner or pick up carry-out on busy nights when you’re rushing around with lots of activities on the calendar. Being near your favorite restaurants makes life easier. Additionally, you want to live in a neighborhood with easy access to your favorite recreation areas, shopping spots, and amenities. 

Further, do some online research to see what kind of family-friendly activities and events are planned regularly near your neighborhood. You will want to take advantage of entertainment options for parents and children, such as parks, tennis courts, country clubs, zoos, botanical gardens, museums, and more.

When raising a family, being near your children's pediatrician, your most-frequented grocery store, the veterinarian or pet hospital, automobile repair shops, and more are practical necessities. Consider your family's interests and map out which destinations you frequent most. From there, determine the best neighborhoods to investigate.

Commute time to work

When considering the best neighborhood for your family, remember to think about the commute to work. While many people have the option to work from home, they might still need to head to the office occasionally. People often use their commute time to prepare for the day ahead or decompress after a day at the office. However, if the commute is long and taxing, it can have the opposite effect. Determine your ideal commute time and see if the neighborhoods you are considering meet your goal.

You may also have other transportation options. For example, if you select a walkable neighborhood near a bustling downtown area, public transit options, such as buses, subways, and streetcars, may be available. Keep in mind that the more time you spend commuting, the less time you can spend with your family as you enjoy your new luxury home.

Access to local parks and outdoor spaces

Children need spaces to run, play, and expend their excess energy. Proximity to local parks and other greenspaces is critical for the health of you and your children. Having a backyard with lots of green space may be a priority for you. Alternatively, you may choose to become a member of a local zoo or nature center to provide endless enrichment and fun opportunities.

Future neighborhood planning

When exploring neighborhoods featuring luxury homes, ask your realtor for information about future development and plans for Greenville real estate. While it is impossible to know what will happen down the road, there could be some red flags that may be concerning in the future. You will want to be sure future development will not negatively impact the value of your property.

For instance, if there has been local discussion about adding new streets, this could impact the noise level of your neighborhood and increase traffic. New buildings could block your beautiful view or impact the natural landscape. Being aware of these possibilities is helpful when determining the best community for your family.

The walkability of the area

For some families, the neighborhood's walkability is extremely important. Being able to walk out the door, head down the street, and soon be at school or visiting your favorite park are essential considerations. Sidewalks and tree-lined streets provide residents with an idyllic, upscale look, feel, and lifestyle. 

Once babies become toddlers and start walking, they will want to assert their independence and be able to walk outside. Allowing them to do that without needing to leave your community eases your daily routine and provides a fun, spontaneous, and stimulating activity close to home.

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