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Quaint towns with a steady growth that allows for innovation and modern comforts

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Where an active lifestyle is animated in serene beauty and communal spirit
Easley and Powdersville have a lot of pride in their communities. These modern towns are set in a picturesque country setting with rolling hills, winding rivers and creeks, and majestic trees. Here locals experience a sense of exclusion while having an active community and lots of nearby attractions. The parks are places of pure beauty, and everyone who lives here loves being so close to the Clemson Tigers. It’s easy to catch a game at the university with your neighbors when the university is your neighbor, too.
Easley and Powdersville are quaint towns with a steady growth that allows for innovation and modern comforts. At the same time, they have a captivating natural beauty that has yet to be spoiled. The area is marked by country cottages, modern homes, and large estates that take advantage of the surroundings. Locals love getting together for annual events like the 4th of July Festival or games at Lakeside Park. It’s a little slice of paradise welcoming you home. 

What to Love


Local Lifestyle

Living in Easley and Powdersville means living among sweet neighbors in quaint little country towns. Walking the city center with its stone waterfalls and welcoming gazebo, it’s easy to imagine a picturesque life. It’s not just about looks, though. These towns have active communities that enjoy sporting events, water sports, and hiking through trails. It’s a place to get busy, work hard, play harder, and allow the serene beauty of your home to engulf you. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Easley and Powdersville may be quaint country towns, but that doesn’t mean they don't have bold flavors at innovative restaurants. Iron Horse Steamers has a cute farmhouse aesthetic that welcomes locals for authentic New York-style bagels, croissants, and bread. It’s the perfect place to start the day. Iron Horse makes pastries, charcuterie boards, bagel sandwiches, and other delectable treats. 
When lunchtime rolls around though, residents flock to Serendipity Cafe with its cozy exposed brick walls and fragrant fares. Serendipity serves classic American cuisine, like their hearty pot roast, with the finest hospitality in the south. There’s no need to rush or fuss; just enjoy the meal.
Powdersville’s Pizza House has family-style Italian cuisine that fills the belly and comforts the heart. The Pizza House cares about the local community, giving back by providing warm, filling plates of indulgence. 
While the Pizza House is the pinnacle of comfort, EleMenT offers an elevated dining experience. From the moment residents walk up to the stone cottage, they are transported into a fairytale-like setting. Eating dinner beside the warm fireplace provides the perfect ambiance for special occasions. Everything at EleMenT is exquisite, from the steak to the shrimp tacos down to the artisanal cocktails. Eating here means going on a culinary adventure all its own. 

Things to Do

Residents in Easley and Powdersville enjoy a feeling of seclusion while still being a part of a close community of neighbors. Every year they get together for a three-day 4th of July Festival. It’s a celebration of this beautiful country filled with music, fireworks, and activities for all to enjoy. It’s just one way the towns come together to mark special occasions. 
Easley and Powdersville are wonderful places to live an active lifestyle. Dolly Copper Park is a cacophony of green, with a river for kayaking and fishing. There are fields for sports and trails for hiking. It’s a great place to come with the family or solo for a day of wilderness fun.
Lakeside Park is another example of the picturesque nature these towns have to offer. Walking through the trees and majestic woods, it’s easy for residents to feel like they're far from civilization. The park is anything but remote or uncivilized, though. It has state-of-the-art play equipment, splash pads, a community pool, sports fields, and annual events. Living near Lakeside Park means having access to a practical fairground of activities to enjoy year-round.
Getting active doesn’t just happen in the parks, of course. The Smithfields Country Club hosts annual golf tournaments on its 18-hole championship golf course. The exclusive club is full of elegance and charm. Teeing off here among the rolling hills and winding creeks is almost like going on a mini-vacation in the middle of the day.
When it’s time to watch a game, though, both towns pride themselves on the nearby Clemson Tigers. Watching a football game at Clemson University brings the community together. It’s easy to be proud when your team is the Clemson Tigers. 


Easley and Powdersville provide a quality education for their community. Schools to look into include: 

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