Fountain Inn

One of the benefits of living in the fastest-growing city in South Carolina is attracting new things

Welcome to Fountain Inn

A serene place full of southern country charm
Welcome to the fastest-growing city in South Carolina. Fountain Inn is a quaint country town with everything locals need right within its borders. Strolling downtown means finding charming stores and restaurants that fill the air with an aroma that makes the mouth water. It’s a suburban town with an incredible community that’s easy to join. The city offers a wide variety of architecture, from the modern home to the country house, and even has property options with large estates. 
One of the benefits of living in the fastest-growing city in South Carolina is attracting new things. As the city expands, so do the amenities and opportunities for the residents. Whether it’s new schools, better parks, or innovative restaurants, Fountain Inn attracts them all. 

What to Love


Local Lifestyle

Fountain Inn is the type of place where locals know they can count on each other. It has a classic Main Street where residents meet for a cup of coffee at the local cafe. They break bread together, ensuring that as this city quickly grows, it never loses its southern country charm. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Locals know to spill the tea in Fountain Inn and the place to go is Steam Coffee and Cream. The coffee is strong, the tea sweet, and the pastries mouth-watering, but most importantly, it’s like the town’s living room. Here the community comes together to start their day, or take a break, and connect with neighbors. While Steam and Coffee may be sweet and neighborly, Sweet Catherine’s is the sassy cafe in town. Everything at Sweet Catherine’s is delectable, from the fried green tomatoes to freshly made chips. 
While Fountain Inn may have the air of a quaint country town, that doesn’t mean it lacks opportunities for culinary exploration. Chef 21 Sushi Burger is a dining experience all its own. This fusion restaurant melds favorite flavors into the perfect treat for any day of the week. 
Speaking of food that’s good for everyday eating, residents can’t help but keep going back to Tacos & Bla Bla Bla. When it’s time for a classic Mexican meal, Tacos & Bla Bla Bla has the town covered. 
Fountain Inn’s downtown provides a little excitement to the quiet country living. It’s full of cute shops and delicious food that brings the community together. When locals look for a night out or a good time, they know downtown has what they need. 

Things to Do

The country living in Fountain Inn can be peaceful and quaint, but it can also be an exciting place to explore. Every Saturday from June to August, the Fountain Inn Farmers’ Market provides the best locally sourced and sustainable food, coffee, and goods. 
Quality eating and tunes are of the utmost importance to Fountain Inn. Every year they host the Cornbread and Collard Greens Blues Festival. Here residents enjoy the finest southern cuisine, music, and family fun in the great state of South Carolina. 
On a quiet day, locals might find themselves at Country Gardens Greenway Park. The grounds are full of a tapestry of greenery cut through by a lovely little creek where the kids love to play. When it comes to family fun for the kids, though, Woodside Park has the best equipment in town. It’s a great size for coordinating groups of people and is full of activities for everyone to enjoy. 


Fountain Inn provides an excellent education with helpful and friendly school faculties. Schools to consider include:

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